Monday, 27 June 2011

Bar Boulud Piggie Burger

£12.25. Fries are an additional £3.50, but if you're serious about tasting London's best burgers, you better get down to Bar Boulud

There is no doubt in my mind that Bar Boulud's three "NY Burgers" are among the very best in town. Regular readers may recall I visited the smart bistro on the ground floor of the Mandarin Oriental hotel in Knightsbridge back in February, when I gave the Yankee Burger a glowing five star review. Last week I went back to sample the restaurant's fabled Piggie Burger...

This time I went with friends as a birthday treat and we ordered all three varieties of burger on the menu. Things have changed a little since my first visit in that the burgers no longer come served with fries. Rather, you have to order them separately so a burger and fries costs slightly more now than it did a few months ago. Another thing to note is that Bar Boulud burgers are not huge. They're actually very modestly sized but they are, in my experience, perfectly formed. Here's a cut through of the Piggie burger so you can see how it stacks up:

To be perfectly fair, words cannot describe the gastronomic ecstacy I found myself in on biting into my piggie burger. And when a burger is this mind-bendingly delicious, it's tricky to stay focused and be objective about the experience. So I won't even attempt to explain how exactly the combo of succulent beef patty, melt-in-the-mouth pulled pork (no crispy or stringy bits here), sweet red cabbage slaw, gently spicy chilli mayo and crisp bibb lettuce in a cheesy bun come together to make a grown man weep with joy in a busy restaurant. All I can tell you is that this burger blew my mind. I can categorically say that Bar Boulud's Piggie is my personal favourite burger in London. It is an awesome burger that any self respecting burger fan MUST try. 

While I've got your attention, allow me to introduce you to Bar Boulud's Frenchie Burger (£12.25), the beef patty of which is accompanied with confit pork belly, rocket, tomato-onion compote, morbier cheese and served in a peppered brioche bun. This was Anna's favourite burger of the day - although when I tried a few mouthfuls, I could only taste way too much wholegrain mustard which meant none of the subtle qualities of the morbier (possibly my most favourite of cheeses), or indeed anything else in the ensemble, was able to shine through.

But this, my old friend the Yankee (above) is still, I'm delighted to report, a perfectly balanced example of a New York style cheeseburger. Love it. £12.25 with cheese. £11.25 without. My opinion on it and indeed BB's wonderful fries haven't changed since my February visit. It's still five-star awesome!

Now then, in the comments of my last review, someone commented that they simply didn't believe there are as many five-star burgers in London as I seem to be finding. Super ironically, this particular doubting Thomas identified himself as "JC", which tickled me, but rest assured, folks, that there really IS an impressive number of London burgers currently worthy of the golden seal of ultimate Burgerac approval. However, if, like JC, you lack faith, Bar Boulud is probably the perfect place for you to start your five-star London burger adventures. Believe!


Bar Boulud
Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park
66 Knightsbridge
London SW1X 7LA

Call for opening times and bookings: Tel :020 7201 3899


Odo said...

BB is one of the best burgers in town, I will have to come back to try the piggie one, my first visit I got the yankee as it was during afternoon tea hours, and later it was their anniversary so I went for the special lamb burger which was excellent.
I went last friday to try Admiral Codrington, just amazing, I got a Iberico Pork burger, it was a special so not sure if it will be in the regular menu, but is one of the best definitely, better than the one in Opera Tavern and big size not amouse bouche size...
My favourites so far is Goodman, and Hawkmoor...

Hanna @ Swedish Meatball said...

I need this in my life. Piggie burger I am coming for ya!!

AMANDA said...

Oh baby, I've had all three and concur, the piggie is the best of the best.

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