Saturday, 18 June 2011

HoHB Blame It On The Burgers T-Shirt

Is my T-shirt a bit tight? Blame it on the burgers! Of course, since this Blame It On The Burgers T-shirt is available in four sizes, it's possible to buy one that isn't too tight. Yet!

This T-shirt is one of various bits of awesome burger merch available from The House of Hot Breath, which is the name under which husband and wife duo Mike and Jen Gabel produce various burger and fast food related festivities. Regular readers may recall I posted their TOTALLY AWESOME video, shot by Todd Selby, of them performing their Ultimate Cheeseburger dance routine as Duotard. Here's how Jen and Mike like to chill at home:

"Me and my wife have always been a bit obsessed with all things burger," Mike told Burgerac. "We collect all sorts of burger related stuff, including music, that we've found in the UK as well as back home in Canada. We used to hold big BBQ house parties at our place in Dalston back in 2004 where everyone got themed CD compilations, T-shirts, bags, etc. Kinda like goody bags at a kids party. 

"We ran a chilli cook-off called Great Bowls Of Fire for three years in a row that was a pretty insane – the last one had over 30 entries! We made bibs for everyone, one of which we got signed by Jerry Leee Lewis when he was in town! Tight! 

"After the chilli-themed parties, we switched to burgers and that's where the BIOTB T-shirt design come from. We cooked something like 60 burgers at once in our filing cabinet BBQ [literally a filing cabinet custom converted to a barbeque], it was pretty mad. The parties starting getting too big so we started doing Blame It On The Burgers as a regular night at The Bethnal Green Working Men's Club. We had a hot dog eating contest (won by Sam Bompas of Bompas & Parr!), a Burgetime video game competition (Rob Flowers who's one of your Burgermat Show artists took that trophy!) and special fast food acts created for the night! 

"Because of our involvement in Todd Selby's interiors blog (, we got the chance to sell some of our burger merch at Colette in Paris which was great, they sold really well. We even used our Duotard giant burger dance routine to enter a Walkers crisps video competition for their cheeseburger flavour crisps and won £10,000. A crisp packet indeed!"

Here's the packaging for The House of Hot Breath T-shirts:

Genius! If it isn't obvious, Jen and Mike love fast food, of all varieties - here's another T available from their online store:

For more info on The House of Hot Breath, and to buy a T-shirt (the fast-food themed CD comp that comes free with each is a totally amazeballs in its own right) then visit their online store at

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Al said...

I love this couple. Their printed t-shirts + CD combos are perfect. Plus, their designs are great.

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