Monday, 4 July 2011

The Burgermat Print Shop is OPEN!

I've just about recovered from putting on the Burgermat Show - a collaborative effort with Daniel Young of BurgerMonday fame, with no small contribution from chef Fred Smith. Wow, what a buzz it was - tickets sold out in less than 20 minutes and we ended up adding an extra date due to popular demand. Nice! Huge thanks to the various blogs and sites that thought the event worthy of some column inches - all hugey encouraging. There are some really great photos of the event on Facebook and Flickr...

Of course, the art show side of things wouldn't have been possible without the input of the 24 contributing artists. So a massive Burgerac thank you goes to Andy Rementer, Asbestos, BRENB, Chris Gray, Chrissie Macdonald, Crispin Finn, Emma Kelly, Gemma Shiel of Lazy Oaf, Holly Wales, Ian Stevenson, Intercity, James Joyce, Jen Bilik of Knock Knock, Jon Boam, Linzie Hunter, Malika Favre, Mark Blamire, Nishant Choksi, Peskimo, Ping Zhu, Richard Hart, Richard Hogg, Rob Flowers, and Timba Smits.

A2 Giclée prints are available of each burgermat image, limited to 50 hand stamped and numbered editions. Here are some photos of the first edition of the Rob Flowers print to give you an idea of the print quality. You can browse all the artworks on a new, dedicated Burgermat website via which news of future burgermat events and products will be released as and when.

Check out and follow @burgermatshow on twitter :)

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