Sunday, 31 July 2011

Illegal Burger (Oslo) brand identity

I totally love the brand identity of Oslo's independent Illegal Burger restaurant. Designed by Oslo design agency The Metric System, and launched late last year, it features a host of illustrated masked foodstuff characters – including a cigar-smoking sauce bottle and a gun-toting wedge of cheese...

OK, so the name of the restaurant makes you wonder what the heck the meat patties are made of, in an undeniably Sweeney Todd kind of way, but with graphics as super as this, Illegal Burger totally gets away with it. And in truth, the name of the joint isn't to suggest dubious meat sourcing, but rather a nod to the former use of the restaurant's address as a non-licensed speakeasy bar. And guess how they launched the restaurant? Secretly, word of mouth style. As if it really was illegal. Somebody deserves an award for this stuff. It's genius.

Oh, and Burgerac has it on good authority that Illegal Burger has a charcoal burning oven in which they cook their reportedly delicious burgers... I know I shouldn't admit it, but this burger detective wants some Illegal Burger action!

Illustration: Frode Skaren


Illegal Burger
Møllergata 23
0179 Oslo


Kavey said...

Oh that is funky branding!!

Pavel said...

Looks great, love the wrapper for the burger. That'd make a great t-shirt print as well!

Anonymous said...

Culture and illegal burgers... makes the mind boggle!

robertsobotka said...

These burgers and the brand look great. May need to try one when I visit Oslo. It may be one of very few things that I may be able to afford there. :)

beining said...

In my opinion Illegal Burger have Oslos best burgers! That they almost cost the same as McDonalds is just amazing. Well worth a visit.

Paul Alexandrescu said...

On my recent visit to Oslo I have stumbled upon this place. After years of sampling burgers in NY, this has just blown out of the world my previous top pick.
The meat is amazing, it's medium rare (by default, looks like a lot of Norwegian burgers are this way), it's meaty but the meat doesn't feel grounded like the american burgers. The word from the locals is that the meat is sourced from one of the last butcher places in Oslo ran by a Danish guy.
The side fries are also outstanding, being served with aioli sauce, mmm yum!

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