Friday, 8 July 2011

VANS Cheeseburger slip-ons

Yet another burger-related dream has come true: Vans have just dropped this cheeseburger slip-on sneaker. The only problem is it's only available in boys sizes, rather than adult sizes. Boo! I live in hope that they'll come out in regular sizes for us grown up burger fans too. More pics after the jump...

Yup, love Vans, love cheeseburgers, LOVE THESE SNEAKERS!

While the Cheeseburger ($37 via caters for the boys, the girls have got some pretty tasty looking sneakers too. There's a really cute watermelon Authentic lace-up shoe but I'm loving this Banana Split slip-on design the best. Check out the spoon detail on the insole (two pics down). Tasty!

Vans, if you're reading - please release these sneakers in adult sizes. We like junk food just as much as the little ones do! More info at


youngandfoodish said...

I too love Vans. I too love burgers. I too love Vans Cheeseburger slip-ons. But I would not love Vans Cheeseburger slip-ons slipped on my feet.

Please explain? How can that be?

Burgerac said...

@ youngandfoodish - I'm afraid I can't explain your personal shoe wearing preferences. Heck, I can't even explain my own. All I know is that I WANT THESE SNEAKERS! It's completely irrational and, as I said, inexplicable.

Kameron Smart said...

I believe Hot Topic has them in Adult sizes. You're gonna have to check and see. Would love to see a picture of them on feet!

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