Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Friends With You: Mr TTT

Meet Mr TTT. He's the plushest burger toy around and pretty much the main man in the Burger Bunch – a series of plush (soft) toys from Miami-based good vibes crew, Friends With You...

Mr TTT is about the size of a generously-proportioned burger at about 15 cm in the round and about 18cm high, unless of course you take him to pieces. Yes, he splits into three separate pieces of cuddly fun. And, like all of Friends With You's characters, Mr TTT has his own "biog" printed on his label: 

Awakened by the conjuring of Bumble Grump, Mr.TTT Burger and his fine ingredients live a wonderful and delicious existence. With the ability to come apart and back together, this soft and cuddly little burger will warm your heart and tummy with his charismatic charm.

We live in a cynical world and I for one am a huge fan of Friends With You's upbeat products, artwork and installations, all of which are designed to spread "magic, luck and friendship" no matter what. Find out more at www.friendswithyou.com

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