Monday, 15 August 2011

Sarah Illenberger McForest burger

Every now and then I have the misfortune to encounter a burger that's about as tasty as a plank of wood. However, until now, I'd never clapped eyes on a burger actually made from wood. This image of a wooden burger popped up the other day on Sight Unseen blog on which there's a great interview with the Berlin-based illustrator who created it, Sarah Illenberger...

There aren't many (any) materials Illenberger won't utilise in her vivid and fun artwork. She regularly creates sculptural works (out of paper, meat, wool, vegetables, plants... you get the idea, anything really) for a host of clients including Nike, Vanity Fair, Time Magazine, and Wallpaper*. This particular piece, entitled Mc Forest, appeared in publisher Gestalten's 2008 book Sideways, and was created in collaboration with a carpenter (the bun was turned on a lathe) to comment on McDonald's deforesting activity in South America.

While Illenberger's work has appeared in various books about contemporary illustration over the last few years, Gestalten is set to publish the first monograph of her work next month. Here are a couple more of her food-based illustrations:

Fashion Vegetables (Modegemüse), 2009
Neon Magazine

To see more of Illenberger's work, visit

To read the interview with her on SeenUnseen, visit

For more info about Gestalten's forthcoming Sarah Illenberger book (cover shown, left), visit


Catering In Brighton said...

Very Very Very Interesting ! What a unique Avatar of Foods ! I loved the Lush green Fresh Frock !

Anonymous said...

more like sarah chickenburger

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