Friday, 5 August 2011

Westville Cast Iron Turkey Burger (NYC)

Yes, that's right, a turkey burger: $10 with a choice of fries or salad thrown in for good measure. And they deliver. Good times!

If you consult The Westville Cookbook, founder Jay Strauss will tell you that other than the built-in flavorings provided by a "well-used cast iron pan," the only other secret to his succulent turkey burger is a liberal seasoning of salt'n'pepper. Served on a toasted Portuguese muffin, this simple burger is something of a departure from my usual meaty adventures – but it turned out to be a deliciously worthwhile gamble...

The all-white-meat ground patty tasted neither like classic turkey breast, nor (unsurprisingly) a regular ground beef burger. This ambiguity may sound scary, but rest assured it was not. Instead, with melted smoked Gouda cheese layered on top (you can also choose from American, cheddar, mozzarella, Swiss, goat or blue), the juicy turkey burger is in a taste category all of its own. I've tasted other turkey burgers which try too hard to mock beef, and some that taste like a dried-up leftover Thanksgiving meal. Westville, however, gets it right by following product design hero Dieter Rams' motto: less is more.

OK, so it's possibly not the most mouthwatering cut through to ever appear here on the Burgerac blog, but I'm happy I didn't let this stop me getting stuck in – proof of the pudding and all that... Once piled high with red onions, pickles, lettuce and tomato, I was an even happier camper. And as a self-confessed salt-fiend, I was pleasantly surprised that no additional seasoning was needed. It was absolutely delicious, this turkey burger is a revelation! Taking into additional consideration that my Westville meal was delivered to my workplace from its Chelsea branch, a good ten blocks from the office (there's also a Westville in the East Village and another in Grenwich Village), it should receive even more props for its freshness.

Ninety-nine times out of 100 I'll take an all-beef patty over a turkey burger – but for anyone in NYC looking to switch things up, I can totally recommend Westville's Turkey concoction.


Westville Chelsea

246 W 18th Street
New York, NY 10011
Tel: +1 212 924 2223


Cathy said...

I used to really like turkey burgers until I found out about the living conditions of most turkeys.

Al said...

Great, now I'll only accept catering New York if they have turkey burgers!

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