Saturday, 17 September 2011

Byron Uncle Sam Burger

£7.50 How do you make a really good American style cheeseburger, no messin? Byron answers this question with the Uncle Sam burger...

As London embraces and celebrates the notion of the gourmet burger, and chefs experiment with obscure cheeses and fancy-pants flavour combos, Byron takes things back down to basics with its take on a classic American cheeseburger...

Throughout September Byron is serving the Uncle Sam, a no-messing cheeseburger comprising a 6oz 100% beef patty, a slice of American cheese, sliced pickle and French's mustard and tomato ketchup. That's right, no buttery glazed bun, no lettuce shredded or otherwise, no onion rings, no slippery tomato slice, no bacon... just a beef patty, a slice of Kraft cheese, thick discs of sweet pickle, and the red and yellow stuff. It's so simple, it seems crazy that Byron haven't done this before. And, once you taste it, it seems crazy that Byron haven't added this to the permanent menu: It's a really super cheeseburger!

The Uncle Sam is also a really great example of the ol' less-is-more philosophy. You'd be right in thinking that there's nothing clever or innovative exhibited here. But that's the beauty of this wonderfully unpretentious burger. Made with super tasty components, perfectly cooked and assembled, it laughs in the face of more ambitious burgers that invariably fail to walk the talk. Refreshingly devoid of grandeur, the Uncle Sam's keep-it-simple approach is a welcome and tasty one. Bravo Byron!

Some readers might wonder why I'm giving such a standard burger five stars. But just because a burger isn't complex in its layers and flavourings doesn't mean it's not flippin' beautiful. Mine was served a perfect, juicy, medium rare (as requested) and every mouthful was full of perfectly balanced flavour. The Uncle Sam quite simply achieves what it set out to. It's a celebration of the American Cheeseburger worth celebrating. Aesthetically, it's no work of art, it's plain and simple, but I could find no fault in it, only the kind of joy that on this blog is rewarded with an accolade the same colour as French's famous mustard. 

Folks, you've got two weeks left to sample one, unless of course Byron decide to add the Uncle Sam to its permanent menu. 


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Pavel said...

That looks like the perfect burger to me, I cannot wait to try this.

China Plate said...

I just went and had one on your recommendation. It was good. However I think you have got carried away giving this one 5 stars. The bun was floppy, the burger was good and the cliche fillings as expected.
However five is for the fabulous, this was a favorable four, in my opinion.

Burgerac said...

@China Plate Five is for faultless. To want more from the Uncle Sam is to misunderstand it completely. 

Anonymous said...

I want it permanently on the menu so badly !!!
Really the perfect burger. No fussy fancy BS, just the plain old basic.

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