Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Haba Plush Burger Toy

Why teach your toddler about shapes or numbers, when you can start laying the foundations of how to construct the perfect burger? Yes, this burger plush toy comes apart so it can be layered up any which way. And the plush chips should get your little one au fait with the perfect size of potato chip...

The toy, made by German toy company Haba, is actually part of its Biofino range of soft toys all of which are designed to teach little ones about food. Also in the range is this pizza:

A French baguette toy:

and even this cuddly kebab: 

All of these toys in Haba's Biofina range are made of soft furry felt with separate components that stick together with internal magnets - so kids can play around with assembling them.

They're not difficult to find online – although Burgerac contributor Mayor McCheese stumbled across the Burger plush whilst perusing the wares at chic Paris store Colette. Nice!

Oh, for those of you wondering what the heck Haba is doing "educating" the world's toddlers about such foods as Doner Kebabs and Burgers, fear not - it's not all fast food. Here's another example of what you can find in the Biofina range:

So your kids can have their cake (burger) and eat (play with) it. As long as it's part of a heathy balanced toy diet!


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Your creations are really awesome. These food toys will surely boost your appetite because they are look like real and very delicious.

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