Friday, 18 November 2011

Lazy Oaf Burger Socks

OK, so Lazy Oaf products feature quite a lot on Burgerac. But guess what? They just keep on producing totally ace burger-related stuff – and the latest product to catch my eye is the perfect seasonal gift for the burger-loving apple of your eye...

Yes, these burger socks (£8) are new additions to the Lazy Oaf range of burger-themed products! And let's face it, who doesn't need an extra pair of socks? Exactly. A pair of these beauties will raise a smile or two when you're sitting on the tube on the way home of an evening - heck it may even start a burger-related conversation. Make new friends by wearing burger socks!

Oh, and if you are using the tube or any other form of public transport, you might want to check out Lazy Oaf's recently launched travel card wallet (£9):

More Lazy Oaf burger clobber here and also here

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