Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Burgerac's most read stories of 2011

Burgerac began in the first week of January this year, the result of a new year's resolution to seek and destroy London's finest buger offerings. Almost a year – and over 146,700 page views later – I thought I'd cast an eye back over a year of burger detecting and pick out the top five most read stories...

My personal highlights of being Burgerac in 2011 are thus:

Meeting and recruiting Burgerac's ace New York correspondent (Colonel Mustard); finding Burgerac recommended in The Guardian's Guide Internet section; meeting Daniel Young of Young & Foodish / BurgerMonday and subsequently putting on the Burgermat Show with 24 amazing artists and illustrators (and invaluable support from; working with the super talented Jon Boam on a Burgerac T-shirt for label Lazy Oaf; making a tea towel with Crispin Finn; and being added to the blogroll of various proper food blogs I really respect.

While those are my special bits of the year, Google analytics tells me what you, my readers have enjoyed the most on the site. Without further ado, here are the most-read stories of 2011:

The Admiral Codrington 8oz Cheeseburger

Cooking a burger is one thing. Turning it into a beautifully built dish that delivers carefully considered and balanced flavours in every single mouthful is no mean feat. Yet Fred Smith at the Ad Cod makes it seem like child's play on a daily basis. If you haven't had a burger cooked by Fred yet, you haven't fully explored London's best burgers.

Bar Boulud Piggie Burger

Bar Boulud's burger offerings are small compared to say one of Fred Smith's 8oz cheeseburgers. But they are nevertheless an absolute delight, with the Piggie being my favourite of the three New York burgers conjured up by Daniel Boulud.

Gift Couture's Cheeseburger wrapping papers

I only posted about this burger-themed set of wrapping papers a few weeks ago – and already the story is in third place. A great idea - I hope it takes off for the Gift Couture peeps!

Until only about a month ago, my post about the brand identity of Oslo's Illegal Burger (by Oslo design studio The Metric System with illustrations by Frode Skaren) was the most-read story by a country mile. Then I wrote about...

Meat Liquor Dead Hippie

Yup, perhaps unsurprisingly, given the joint's queue-round-the-block popularity, my Meat Liquor Dead Hippie review has been read more than any other story posted on Burgerac. Meat Liquor's launch got a huge amount of press which leads me to one more highlight of 2011: The Evening Standard's Fay Maschler namedropping in her Meat Liquor write up. Nice!

And that's it. All that's left to say is a whopping great THANK YOU to all the chefs, kitchen and waiting staff that have conspired to give me an enormous amount of burger-based pleasure over the course of this year. Thanks to all my friends and colleagues and especially my missus for putting up with my burger obsession. And finally, of course, thank you, dear reader for keeping my burger blogging dream alive. Have a very merry Christmas and a cracking New Year! See you in 2012!

Burgerac x


Anthony said...

A Magnificant year. Congratulations dude

Big_Fat_Dan said...

Found this blog for the first time last year and now it's safely stored in my favorites file, look forward to reading more burger related goodness, cheers and well played.

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