Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Gift Couture's Cheeseburger wrapping papers

Unsurprisingly these wrapping papers, available to pre-order from fledgling wrapping paper company Gift Couture, are right up my street. Yes, as its very first project the company has devised a set of five burger-themed papers. Respect!

Gift Couture is taking pre-orders through kickstarter.com - where supporters of the project support the project with as much or as little financial help as they can muster.

Once a fund target of $7,900 has been reached, the company will start sending out paper to its backers and customers and more ideas (hopefully every bit as good as the cheeseburger papers idea) will have the opportunity to see the light of day.

Find out more / get involved at www.kickstarter.com


Kavey said...

Ha, they're cute. I won't be investing but they bought a smile to my face!

FiFiona said...

I'm sad this is from the US :-( i want i want i want

Anonymous said...

you can order from any country though

Cat Fonesca said...

Great idea! I might do this to family gifts so they can still assemble the burger layers. They might not wanna tear the gift wrap off!

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