Monday, 16 January 2012

EAT ME book from Victionary

If you're going to create a book that celebrates the collision of food and good design, then this is probably what it should look like. Victionary's new biscuit-like EAT ME book comes in either a "vanilla" or "chocolate" version and even features a "bite" out of the top right corner as standard...

The 256 page book showcases dozens of food-related design projects – from restaurant identities, to innovative kitchen implements, food packaging, and food based art projects (including, two spreads on the Burgermat Show I curated last summer). It really is a wonderful book (although I am, of course, somewhat biased) so here's a taster of the contents: 

Eat Me really is a beautiful book, and if, like me, you get excited by beautifully packaged food, elegant and inventive food brand identities, restaurant interiors, and even food based art projects, well, you should really have a copy on your shelves. So much food for thought - and a feast for your eyes! 

Personally, I'm ordering a second copy. I've got the vanilla colourway, but I simply must have the chocolate version too!

Find out more (and order a copy) at

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Paul Cockerton said...

Thank you for this. Have ordered a copy.

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