Friday, 27 January 2012

The Hand Burger (Singapore) brand identity

The Hand Burger in Raffles City, Singapore serve a range of burgers from classic beef burgers to confit duck, pulled pork, chicken and also a lamb burger – all served in a choice of buns baked daily on site. And the restaurant's paper-cut identity by Singapore design studio, Couple, is totally awesome...

"Produced entirely out of paper, The Handburger's identity forms a visual commentary on the food's transformative process, highlighting the artistry of making a good burger," say Couple.

"Paper-crafting every ingredient allows each to be distilled to its basic shape, creating an identity system that is visually appealing and instantly recognisable," continue Couple. "Its many seemingly disparate but harmonised elements are held together by a set of custom alphabets, constructed letter by letter to give The Handburger a fitting personality."

These paper-cut ingredients can be combined to form larger illustrations and even the restaurant's logo:

As well as being combined to form the restaurant's logo, the different paper ingredients form illustrations that adorn the beautiful take-out packaging:

And to ensure you see the packaging, take-out bags are transparent:

And the illustrations of the different ingredients also help to identify individual items on a platter of different burgers:

The menus are delivered on clipboards and utilise the bespoke typeface created specially for the restaurant by Couple.

And yes, you can see on the menu above, burgers are served in the restaurant on plates and delivered on wooden boards thus:

The above shot was found on the singapuradailyphoto blog. The interior shot in this post is by Stzernstudio.

This graphic identity is one of dozens of brilliant projects featured in the brilliant EAT ME book I blogged about last week. Read that post here.

PS: I just found out that some friends of mine are relocating to Singapore. That's it, I'm going!


Pavel said...

Looks fantastic; I can't help wondering how much storage space they'd need if their take out boxes are that big. Looks beautiful though!

Paul said...

But how do they taste? Is it a case of substance as well as style?

Man O' Feasto said...

Love the look of the packaging. The look of the burgers... not so much.

Anonymous said...

The paper-cut idea is nice i.e. the 3D burger on the wall. However, the negative space, kerning and sheer ugliness of that hackneyed 2008 hipster logotype is offensive to mine eye. Hope their burgers make up for it.

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