Monday, 9 January 2012

Henry Hargreaves Rainbow burger

Nope, this rainbow-burger isn't the product of the latest burger craze in London. Rather it was created by Brooklyn-based photographer Henry Hargreaves a couple of years ago as part of his Food of the Rainbow project which saw a host of food dishes receive eye-poppingly colourful makeovers...

Rainbow spaghetti, anyone?

Apparently using the food colourings didn't actually affect the flavour of the food too much and these incredible edible sculptures tasted surprisingly normal. Bright, rainbow colours aside, for me the appeal is the generosity of the servings!

The photos are all styled by Lisa Edsälv.

To see more work by Hargreaves, visit his site at

This is one of dozens of amazing foodie projects that appear in publisher Victionary's brilliant EAT ME book.

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jerky australia said...

These are quite cool and very unorthodox. Rainbow pasta and rainbow burger have piqued my interest.

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