Thursday, 8 March 2012

Clarke's Cheeseburger (Cape Town, South Africa)

R50 (approx £4.50) Wow, look at the bun on that! Croissant bun meets puff pastry pie lid = 10 out of 10 for originality. And it's AWESOME!

Clarke's in Cape Town only opened in December last year but already the place is garnering a reputation for serving a killer cheeseburger. Within a few hours of arriving in Cape Town, I was sat in the dappled shade of a perfectly placed tree at a table outside Clarke's, excited about fuelling up with a burger...

The burgers, the menu informs me, are provided from local family butchers, Bill Riley Meats, and the buns are made especially by Trevor Daly of Daly Bread, Worcester. The cheese is a South African Underberger cheddar (how appropriate). Without knowing anything other than what my Capetonian friend told me (that they could be the new best burger in town) I ordered a cheeseburger.

Crikey, look at it! The bun looks like a kind of cross between a puff pastry pie lid and a croissant bun. The burger is big, coursley ground and juicy as hell. The cheese is... rather disappointingly a big stodgy lump wedged betwixt the burger and the top part of the bun/croissant thing. The homemade pickled cucumber slices served in a little metal ramekin on the side though are super delicious, sweet and tangy so I add as many as I can to the burger and take a bite. HOT DAMN! This is AWESOME.

Er, so damn awesome that I didn't take any more photos. I just wolfed the thing down, using many a napkin in the eating of this juicy monster. Sorry!

I happened to be dining with Burgerac's NYC correspondent Colonel Mustard and she took this shot of her plastic basket o' food (we were sharing the fries - which were skin on and GOOD).

Yes, so the cheese is more stodgy rather than a preferable melty - but the burger is so damn tasty and perfectly cooked, and the bun thing is so damn buttery and salty and awesome that the lumpen cheese didn't really factor at all in my taste appraisal. It ate well. Really well.

And ten out of ten for originality on the bun front. If the cheese had been all melty - this would be a solid five star burger. If you're in town, definitely take down one of these!


133 Bree Street
8001 Cape Town
South Africa

+27 214247648

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Anonymous said...

I was here in March on holiday from London. Pretty crazy stuff. The owner said she had complaints the burgers were too she made them bigger. The butter pastry bun is insane, and the meat itself is tastier than anything I've had in LDN.

They sell out of patties on busy days so best get there for an early lunch.

Highly recommended.

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