Saturday, 17 March 2012

Lazy Oaf & Burgerac competition winner

A couple of weeks ago Burgerac teamed up with Lazy Oaf to run a competition to win OVER £100 WORTH of burger-related goodies. To win, we asked you to tell us about your dream burger...

We were, frankly, inundated with entries via Twitter, email and as blog comments - thank you to everyone that entered! Some of you submitted written entries, others sent us illustrated diagrams of their dream burgers. Some of the described burgers were edible and based in reality, while others were filled with rainbows and unicorns and myriad otherworldly delights. One entry was even submitted in verse (er, massive Burgerac respect to Rita Herédia for that one). 

So yes, picking a winner really wasn't easy BUT, after much deliberation, then some tea, then a whole lot more deliberation, Lazy Oaf and I have picked Ruby Bankhead as the winner for her "Freakywackedkooky" burger (illustrated above). 

As you can see it's completely flippin' mental, including as it does all of Ruby's favourite things (including Skips, Wotsits, Cheerios and Pizza). Even though Ruby's burger probably wouldn't taste all that great, we loved that she stayed absolutely true to herself, and dreamed big with her entry. In short, it was our favourite dream burger submission so a huge Burgerac and Lazy Oaf congrats to Ruby: your burgertastic swag bag is on its way!

Again, thank you everyone for entering. Stay tuned for more Burgerac competitions in the coming months!


Chris said...

Being a bit of a purist, I was ready to dismiss this as yet another attempt to 'posh up' the classic model and get credulous customers to pay through the nose for a myriad of extra ingredients that don't belong or work in a burger. But then I saw they'd used ketchup, and I thought "fair play to them". I still think the spring onion is a step too far though - what's wrong with normal white onion? Other than that though, job well done.

L'amateur said...

Mmmmm... looks delicious.

That's dinner sorted for tonight.

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