Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Win a load of Lazy Oaf & Burgerac goodies!

HOLD TIGHT FOR THE COMPETITION! Today, you lucky, lucky peeps, we've got OVER £100 WORTH of burger swag to give away - courtesy of me, Burgerac, and them, the lovely folk at Lazy Oaf. There's a T-shirt, a wallet, a necklace pendant, socks AND a six-pack o'Burgermat prints to be won... Full deets after the jump!

Without further a do - here's the swag that's up for grabs:

1 x Lazy Oaf Burger Locket Necklace (Gold tone enamel burger locket with a magnetic clasp to hold it shut. Sits on a 32" chain and the locket itself measures 2.5 x 2 cm. Chunky!)

1 x Lazy Oaf Burgerac T-shirt

1 x Lazy Oaf Burger Travel Card Wallet

1 x pair of Lazy Oaf Burger Socks

1 x Lazy Oaf Fries Tote Bag

1 x set of 6 A3 Burgermat Show art prints

To be in with a chance of winning this bumper burger bonanza, we're simply asking you to tell us about your dream burger. We want to know everything including the fillings, sauce, size and most importantly, the name. The most appealing concept - as chosen by me and the Oafettes - will win the prize - pow!

To enter please post your answers as a comment in this blog including your name and email address. Alternatively you can submit a drawing or photograph of your dream burger by emailing it to or

OR you can enter via twitter by tweeting your dream burger ideas to @lazyoaf or @burgeracblog using the hashtag: #dreamburgercomp

Deadline is Monday March 12th. Winner will be revealed by Friday 16th. Get involved - you gotta be in it to win it!


tracy said...

wow dream burger would have to be The Full House
bun on the bottom, lettuce red onions, tomatoes, smoky bacon, flat sausages,1/4 beef burger, mushrooms, scrambled eggs, all topped of with another burger bun, not forgetting the sauce, loads of brown will do nicely xx

Jess :) said...

fresh crusty loaf
Barbarque Sauce
Beef Burger
Fresh crusty loaf

Also it will be the tallest burger lol and with of course a side of fries!
Name: Jess Clayton

will said...

Hmmm 1st thing comes to mind is this...

Seasame Prawn Toast'ed Bun,
Rare Wagyu Beef Pattie,
Sautéed Bok Choy,
Crispy Tampura Spring Onions,
Sweet Chilli Jam,
Possibly a slice of pepperjack cheese (optional).


Lorna said...

chocolate sauce
whipped cream
strawberry sauce
candy floss
marshmallow fluff
toffee sauce
a sprinkle of sugar
a spreading of butter cream

Reena = ] said...

My Dream Burger = ]:

Name: ReensBeans Burger = ]
Shape: Got to have the shape of a smiley face just like this —> = ] Yayy for smiley faced burgers = ]
Size: I want it to be the biggest smiley faced burger EVERRR = ]
Bun: Normal white seeded bun = ]
Filling: Ostrich, Crispy lettuce, Tomato, Cheese, Jalepenos and some friend onions = ]
Sauce: Sweet chilli sauce and also a dash of extra hot nandos sauce = ]

I could do with a burger like this right now = ]
Good luck everyonee = ]

ReensBeans Burger, Done. (Gordon Ramsey style) = ]

Kavey said...

I am so in-love with the burger locket I might actually pee my pants. Seriously.

Dream burger:

Hmmm, as I'm Kavey, often referred to as Captain Kavey Wavey, as in Captain Kaveman, I reckon it's gotta be a real neanderthal's dream burger and that means LOADSA meat!

Caveman'd like it pretty raw, but we could posh it up a bit, maybe a poncified caveman open burger: nice slice of toasted brioche, some elegantly sliced pickled gherkins (if you tell me they didn't have gherkins in caveman times, I'm going to sulk), some tomatoes, coz cavemen were well into their kitchen gardens, just outside their caves, and a bloody magnificent tartare on top, finely hand-chopped raw beef, top quality stuff, with some egg yolk mixed in and the diner's choice of herbs, chopped raw garlic, and maybe even some grated very strong hard cheese, something like an aged Comte to give lots of salt and a little texture. Personally, I'd like some incredibly thinly sliced raw red onion on top as a garnish, but maybe that's just me and, as a caveman I wouldnt give a shit about onion breath...


Kavey said...

Just thinking about how FINE that wallet would look in my pocket or handbag. Oh yes. And you didn't say we couldn't enter twice, so I'm assuming it's OK ... because I do have more than one dream burger because, you know, I dream of burgers A LOT!

I've always loved the mix of meat and sweet. At breakfast buffets the world over, I've had strange looks when I've combined tinned peaches with bacon, fresh mango with frankfurters or slices of salami with a pile of grapes, strawberries and other such sweet. Adding nutella or honey into the mix is even better.


Presenting Kavey's Fruitloop Burger:

In the bun, a juicy meaty beef and pork mixed patty, we'll veer away from the purist beef-only patty to allow a generous amount of salty seasoning (to contrast with the sweetness to come) and maybe a little herb action as well.

Definitely bacon, it has to be American-style thinly sliced streaky bacon cooked to crisp (but not burnt, yes my American friends, there is a difference).

I'm liking that whole Luther Vandross thing going on, so I'd either go for a sweet donut as a bun, or possibly a really sweet eggy bread (or should I posh that up into pain perdu)?

I'm going to eschew the fresh fruit for slices of tinned peach because, it's slippery and thick and syrupy and gorgeous. And it's syrup would be a good sauce anyway.

And can I add some pickled gherkins again, because I love them? Could have them on the side, if the idea of gherkins and tinned peaches is freaking anyone out.

And now I'm frigging hungry.


Clare said...

Big juicy medium rare beef/marrow pattie topped with american cheese and a gooey cheesy frittata (egg, gruyere, potato, loads of garlic, white onion, red pepper, aubergine & queen green olives) with chipotle sauce in a toasted brioche bun. Big fat twice chip-shop chips & proper northern gravy on the side. Root beer. Heart attack.

clarenightingale at gmail dot com Xx

mattdingo said...

Something i've thought about many a time and fortunately enough have a pretty sound answer

Lightly grilled bun - seeded not stonebaked - with two medium done Beef burgers with bacon and a slice of monterrey jack in the middle. Topped with pulled pork and covered in barbecue sauce and perhaps some french fries in there too?

I always put french fries in whenever i have a cheeseburger, it's a bit of a bad habit - but so damn good!

I'd call it The Big Pig. (or The Big Kahuna because Samuel L Jackson likes them)

Could be done with chicken too!

Yeah, i'm salivating right now.

Dan said...

Whilst at school I had a South African friend called Trevor. I thought it would be funny to tell the other kids that back in SA, Trevor's parents were farmers to the native 'Carnivorous Pig', like idiots they believed us...

In honour to the noble and gracious Carnivorous Pig please behold...

A Glazed, semi-Brioche Bun topped with Toasted Mustard seeds, with A Juicy Med.Rare 8oZ patty consisting of Chuck, Shin and Pork+Apple Sausage, Sat on a crispy piece of Lettuce and Gherkin, Topped with Melted Monterey Jack with an Apple+Onion+Scotch Bonnet Relish and Finally crowned with Crispy Pork Crackling Bits....

....All hail the Carnivorous Pig, King of the Porkies!

Anonymous said...

2 Seaweed Seed Buns
Chum meat
Sea Lettuce
Sea Cheese
Mustard, Ketchup, and Mayonaise
Secret sauce

To make a Krabby Patty you must first, cook the patties on 298 degrees.

then put all the ingredients in this order, starting at the bottom.
all the sauces

to make the secret sauce use as follows;
1 cup of something
1 pinch of something
1 teaspoon of something
1 Splash of something
Chop something
1 teaspoon of something (zuogfjail)
4 cups of something (gdsgahsg)
chop up some of love

make sure the whole thing is prepared with love and that's what i call a Krabby Patty.

hugh said...

Juicy Bluesy

Bun - toasted brioche
Onion - red
Gherkin - crunchy
Tomato - sweet

Juicy Bluesy burger - 2xpatties with crumbled blue cheese in the middle pressed together and mustard cooked. the cheese will melt in the middle creating a hot pocket of flavor. other variations of cheese IE Monterrey works fantastically aswell

special sauce for dipping - mustard/mayo/chipotle / tom puree mixed...

wait out for a pic..

Mike said...

“Crouching Slider, Hidden Bacon”: A quintet of lightly toasted brioche slider buns, each home to an impossibly thick Angus beef patty. Tightly sealed inside each patty; a heavenly pocket of maple cured thickcut bacon and lashings of sharp blue stilton; all topped off with a velvety garlic aioli; served with a pail of thick-cut skin-on thrice-cooked chips and a small vat of Ketchtard (a revolutionary blend of Heinz and Colman's), washed down with several bottles of Camden USA Hells lager.


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