Thursday, 10 May 2012

Mic's Chilli Sauce packaging

The world of chilli sauce labels is a well-illustrated one, but I wanted to flag up the bottle label designs created by illustrator Steve Simpson for Irish brand, Mic's Chilli...

The BBQ sauce is a brand new release from the company (along with another new Sweet Chilli sauce), and based on the awesomeness of their previous hot sauces, I'm keen to sample it.

In case you're not familiar with the Mexican / Mayan influenced bottle label designs of Mic's Chilli "Inferno" range (also by Steve Simpson) - here's how they look. Rather than showing you photographs, Steve has sent me graphic files so you can see the illustrations / packaging all the better:

Yeah, they're awesome! AND, check out my favourite bit - Steve's even had some illustrative fun with the bar codes on the bottles - here's the barcode for the new BBQ sauce bottle:

I've spied that the sauces are available from Harvey Nichols. Next time I'm on the trail of a west London burger, I'm gonna bag me some of these beautiful looking hot sauces to add to my growing gallery of chilli sauce bottles!

via Creative Review blog

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