Thursday, 24 May 2012

Yum Yum's Happy Food short

Do you have a method for getting Heinz tomato ketchup out of a glass bottle? Personally, I'm a shaker. I just gently shake the bottle up and down until the ketchup starts to flow...

I've recently been introduced to some other ketchup-pouring methodologies. I know Tom from Byron, for example, recommends you gently tap the neck of the bottle whilst pointing it at your desired target. It seems to work but isn't possible if you've got ketchup in one hand and your burger / hot dog in the other.

Whatever your chosen method of ketchup encouragement, patience and no small amount of skill and judgement is required, because there's always that danger that when the ketchup does finally issue forth, you get a lot more than you bargained for!

I've just clapped my eyes on this super animated short created by creative duo Beth and Jonny, aka Yum Yum. Yes, its main focus is that stubborn ketchup moment. Enjoy!

As well as making animations, Yum Yum also make collectible toys AND a certain Hot Dog character toy is available to buy as one of a set of five.

He stands around 12cm tall and the whole set costs £60 plus postage. Love this guy!

To see the full set of toys and other animation work by Yum Yum London, visit their website at

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Bret said...

Game changer

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