Tuesday, 12 June 2012

FWY Good Wood Gang Mr TTT Burger toy

I posted about Friends With You's plush Mr TTT burger toy last year. However, it was only during a talk by FWY in Dublin a few months ago that I found out about Mr TTT's first iteration - as a beautiful multi-part, modular, hand-painted wooden toy, released in an edition of 500 back in 2005...

With his little cowboy boots, and hands sticking directly out of his body, I wonder if Mr TTT inspired Gemma of Lazy Oaf when she created a poster for London club night Get involved in 2008:

Maybe Gemma managed to bag one of FWY's toys when they were produced in 2005? If she did, I'm SUPER JEALOUS because they've now sold out and I didn't know about them in time to get one!

Despite the sell-out, FWY told me that the multi-part toys were a commercial flop in that they took years to sell. Which, of course, makes it even more heartbreaking that I missed the proverbial boat on these lovely modular burger toys!

Oh yes, and check it out - you could take Mr TTT apart and assemble him an a huge amount of different ways. So cool!

Although it took a while to sell the first batch, I wonder if FWY were to bring out a second edition of their cowboy boot-wearing burger toy now, would it have more commercial success than it did when they originally released in 2005? After all, we live in a world of blogs and re-tweets and it's far easier to generate buzz about new products now than it was back then. 

Maybe, of course, it had less to do with getting the word out and their slow sales were more to do with the $150 artwork-rather-than-kids-toy price tag. All I know now is I WANT ONE!


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