Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Bread Street Kitchen Short Rib Burger

£12.50 Since Bread Street Kitchen opened last year its burger has had several tweaks to improve it. Good skills, it's now AWESOME!

It's true that Bread Street Kitchen's Short Rib Burger has already made an appearance here on Burgerac, but having had a couple in recent weeks, I felt obliged to re-blog it as I now consider it to be worthy of five golden Burgerac stars...

The burger has actually evolved slightly since last it appeared here. Yes it's still housed in a Miller's brioche bun with Monterey Jack cheese (it has previously sported Bermondsey Frier and also Ogleshield cheese), but the bespoke ketchup (which used to have star anise and red pepper in the mix) is now a smoked tomato ketchup. Good shout. It works better with the sweetness of the bun. The Short Rib patty is still course ground with a really great aged flavour, and beautifully cooked – first on a plancher plate on the stove top and then for a few minutes in the oven. Then it rests for about five minutes before being put back in the oven with the cheese on top to melt it perfectly.

I think the above image shows you everything you need to know about the flawless structure of this burger. You can see that the architecture is bang on with each ingredient applied in impressively even layers: the homemade ketchup, the length-cut pickles, the cheese, the shredded iceberg (which has been folded through a garlic and mustard mayo). 

I also think the shape of the burger patty is less cricket-ball like than perhaps it used to be and more, well, patty-like, which makes the eating of the burger considerably easier and more pleasurable. This is truly a wonderful burger!

And the joy doesn't just stop at the burger. There are a host of other menu items you simply have to try while you're at Bread Street Kitchen. The triple cooked chips (£3.50) are infallible. The Tamarind Chicken wings (above) are AWESOME, as is the mature but creamy mac cheese. The coleslaw was pretty damn good too.

Post burger feast, there's a pineapple carpaccio, coconut sorbet and passion fruit desert that is both refreshing and revitalising. So much so that after I'd had it, I ordered another dessert. I might have shed a tear at the sheer (and I mean that in the shiny sense) beauty of the chocolate tart served with salted caramel ice cream and honeycomb crumbs. 

Before I sign off, there's something else you should know about my recent BSK experiences. Not only did I really enjoy my choice of brilliantly realised comfort food, I actually had some cracking nights out with my nearest and dearest.


Bread Street Kitchen
10 Bread Street

Tel: 020 3030 4050

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Anonymous said...

I am really sorry to have to tell you this but I just took a collegue to try one of these and it was utterly bland. Don't get me wrong, I love the this blog and I am really into burgers, but Byron easily trumps what we had. Meat was tastless, sloppy cheap mayo and soggy lettuce - bland cheese too. Costs seem to have been cut...Brioche was perfect but I don't want to pay 12.50 for a piece of bread. We felt ever so slightly mugged....Will try MeatMarket next.

Burgerac said...

You don't have to be sorry to tell me you had a different experience to my recent Bread Street Kitchen burger experiences. It's to be expected that not every single burger that comes out of a kitchen will be exactly as the last. C'est la vie. I only wrote about BSK after I'd been twice. I'm going back again (as is my wont) in the next few weeks. If I have an experience like yours, rest assured I'll be reporting it on the blog.

Have fun at MeatMarket - but don't be surprised or alarmed if your opinions on the burger you have differ from mine on the burger that I had :)

Anonymous said...

MeatMarket was amazing!!!!! Dead Hippie is a game-changer. Praise be!

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