Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Burger & Fries earphones

Check out my new earphones! Along with my Burgerac T-shirt and Burgerac iPhone case, they're really not helping my undercover burger detective vibe - but who cares? They were a gift from m'good friends at Crispin Finn and they're TOTALLY AWESOME! 

OK, so the sound quality isn't up there with my Sennheiser, Dennon, Panasonic or Atomic Floyd headphones (er, yeah, turns out I've got a few pairs of headphones at the moment) but actually I don't give too much of a shit - these are fun and I'll happily use 'em until they (like all earphones) eventually develop a loose connection and stop working properly.

I'm pretty sure that the manufacturer, DCI, no longer makes them, but you can still buy 'em on good ol' Amazon for less than a tenner here, and you can find them on eBay too for a bit less.

Find more DCI gift products at

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