Friday, 6 July 2012

Fred Smith to leave the Ad Cod :(

It's with a strange blend of sadness and excitement that I bring you news that the man, the legend, Fred Smith (head chef at the Admiral Codrington pub in Chelsea) has handed in his notice...

While I've loved the many lunches I've spent with my nearest and dearest at the Ad Cod over the last year or two, I can't begrudge Fred leaving. He's young, he's supremely talented and the world, quite frankly, is his burger. Watch this space, ladies and gentlemen, because Fred Smith is about to take off and I, for one, can hardly wait to see where he lands next.

In the meantime, if you love burgers, regularly look at this blog and HAVEN'T yet tried one of Fred's Ad Cod burgers, what the hell have you been playing at? You've got about two weeks left to go and taste London's hands-down best burger. DO IT!

Follow Fred on twitter: @FredSmith_


The Admiral Codrington
17 Mossop Street
London SW3 2LY

Tel: +44 (0)20 7581 0005

Read about my previous Ad Cod adventures here


Anonymous said...

Unless it is with a view to setting up his own glorious, unique and likely best-in-town burger joint, this news is a bit shit.

Omar Nawaz said...

Nooooooo chuck wagon! :(

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