Saturday, 14 July 2012

Local Celebrity Burger T-shirt

I think I'm in love - with this TOTALLY AWESOME OVERSIZE BURGER T-SHIRT! Made by LA-based label, Local Celebrity, it features a scoop neckline, draped sleeves and is available from every fashion-conscious girl's most-visited website, ASOS...

The burger vibes aren't just confined to the front of the T, no siree. With this shirt you get a full 360 degrees of burger. What more could you hope for? Oh hang on, they also make a Burger print dress, though the burger only appears on the front:

The T-shirt will set you back £45 from ASOS and the Dress is priced at £70. Both are available in XS (UK size 8) through to L (14). For full details, click on the links above.

Thank you @hansyhobs for bringing these to my attention! 


Hannah said...

Love this tshirt

rruussell said...

Great GREAT T-shirt

Naomi said...

These are awesome. Need that tee ASAP!

Timothy Diego said...

Loving it, the looks it has are outstanding, i can imagine why you really like this, such kind of stuff is a must for every fashion lover, i am sure my girlfriend will also like this.

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