Saturday, 29 September 2012

Fat & Furious Burger blog

I've just discovered a new kind of burger blog. The Fat & Furious Burger blog doesn't review burgers but rather displays images of fantastical burger creations by its authors that are posted along with brief descriptions (in French) of each one...

No ingredient or concept, it would seem, is too crazy for the F&FB gang. In fact, the weirder the better. Above is the Canicule burger, served in an ice cream cone (and featuring beef steak, cornichons, green salad, fried onions, sesame seeds, cheese, yellow mustard, ketchup. 

Below is the two-tone Yin & Yang Burger and also the Docteur Burger which is designed to load up the eater with protein, calcium and vitamins the morning after a big night out.

Visit the Tumblr blog to see more crazy Fat & Furious creations!

Shout out to the good folk at the Burgers And Nails blog for pointing us in the direction of F&FB.

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