Thursday, 25 October 2012

PREVIEW: Byron's Mo Burger special

£8.75 Once again Byron has cooked up a super-delicious, five-star Movember special to encourage Moustache-growing fundraising!

For a third consecutive year, the good folk at Byron have come up with a limited edition burger to help promote and raise money for Movember, the annual moustache-growing charity event. And guess what? I've been privy to a sneaky preview...

Available from November 1st, the limited edition Mo Burger (created with no small amount of input from currently freelance London burger genius, Fred Smith) is an American cheeseburger with a twist: it features one of Byron's 6oz beef patties topped with cheddar cheese, served with pickled red onion rings, salted cucumber slices, shredded iceberg lettuce and mustard dill dressing – all housed in a sesame seeded glazed bun.

Hot diggety-damn, I just tried one this evening and the Mo really is a super cheeseburger. The photo above shows clearly the discs of salted cucumber (almost all of which are precisely 1mm thick) which lend the burger a delightful freshness, as does the mild flavour of the dill dressing.

Besides its contribution to overall taste, the cucumber adds a crisp crunch and combines wonderfully with the thin-cut slices of pickled red onion which provide a vinagery twang, an essential element in the wonderful balancing act of flavours that the Mo delivers. In short, y'all need to try one and maybe, if you get involved with Movember, you can try one for FREE...

Yup, that's right: Byron will be rewarding registered Movember fundraisers (who can show that they've raised £25 or more) with a FREE hamburger (or chicken burger / veggie burger / main course salad) between 3pm and 6pm every day for two whole weeks, from November 7th through to November 20th inclusive. WHOOP!

To get on board and sign up for some moustachioed Movember fund-raising (and to find out more about what Movember is all about) check out the website at

For peeps not able to cultivate a hairy top lip, the Mo Burger will be available throughout November at all Byron restaurants for £8.75. For every one sold, Byron will donate 50p to Movember. Moreover, Byron staff (those that are able) will be growing moustaches for the cause too.

Impressively, Byron has raised over £60,000 for Movember over the last two years, and (even more impressively) given away over 15,000 free hamburgers as a thank you to participating moustache growers and fund raisers. Respect is due. On various levels.

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Chris Smout said...

Great stuff Burgerac - I was wondering what the new burger was going to be when I was in Byron last week.

Ern Malley said...

At the risk of sounding like a good-cause grinch: this was a rare miss.

After hitting up the Camden Byron recently I was disappointed to find that not all was as it seems. The Mo Burgers my hot date and I were served came cold, flimsy, and seemingly slapped together by someone in a big rush. I was alarmed to find that the salted cucumber had lost some serious weight since the days of 1mm thickness and was now a translucent sliver of its former self. This was not the finely crafted burger of art we see above. Not even close.

I've eaten many fine Byron Burgers, most recently in Shoreditch where the Byron was primo, but you never write in about the good ones hey?

The disparity between the picture above and the burgers served was vast. Think the order board at McDonalds vs. the Big Mac you unwrap with one hand as you pull out of the drive-through en route to see your divorce lawyer you disgusting animal.

When a Dead Hippie comes out you know it's going to look like a terrorist attack; when you unwrap a Dirty Burger you think, "So that's where the name comes from!" And that's how they look on Burgerac! They're represented just as they are. If Byron served you that ^^^, I would suggest that Burgerac's COVER HAS BEEN BLOWN! and our agent in the field has been recognised and compromised.

An absolute course in how to build a three star burger.

Burgerac said...

@Ern Malley - Every single burger is different - you must realise that that's the nature of burgers and the way they're made. My Mo looked remarkably different to the one my dining buddy had, which again looked totally different to the glossy press shot I'd seen pre-launch. The truth is we could order the same thing at the same joint at the same time and have totally different experiences. C'est la vie. Better luck next time. May the mystic burger force be with you :)

ErnMalley said...

If every burger were the same it'd be a messed up old world. May the mystery sustain. Burger on, burger dudes.

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