Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Little Social Aged Scottish Beef Burger

£15 for a top notch bacon cheeseburger and a silver bucket of French fries in a cosy bistro a mere hop, skip and a jump from Oxford Street.

Having seen that Daniel Young of Young & Foodish / Burger Monday had put the Little Social's burger at his coveted number one spot in his current Top Ten London Burgers list, I was keen to check it out for myself. And having been ill / housebound for almost three weeks I really felt like I needed a mega posh burger to get me back into the swing of things...

Little Social is the smaller, bistro-style brother restaurant to Jason Atherton's considerably larger, sleeker Pollen Street Social which is directly across the street. The place is cosy and welcoming with a number of ox-blood banquette dining booths as well as traditional hardwood chairs and tables giving the place a comfortable Parisian bistro vibe.

Billed on the menu as "aged Scottish beef burger, bacon and cheese, caramelised onions, pickles, French fries" the Little Social burger really is a triumph of using the best ingredients to create a very simple but mind-bogglingly delicious burger. 

The aged beef patty is course ground with a generous fat content and served a well-rested medium rare. It comes housed in a rich seeded brioche along with soft sweet caramelised onions, lengthways cut slices of pickle, melt in the mouth bacon and perfectly melted cheese. Although mustard and ketchup arrives with your burger, condiments are totally superfluous to requirement, this beauty is perfect just the way it's served - which, by the way, is with a silver bucket o'fries. 

Head chef Cary Docherty has totally nailed the burger at Little Social in a way that Phil Carmichael at Atherton's grander recent opening, Berners Tavern hasn't (yet). For £15 all in – with impeccable service in a cosy bistro where you can BOOK A TABLE – this is my new favourite place to bag a posh burger. 


Little Social
5 Pollen Street
London W1S 1NE

Tel: 020 7870 3730


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Nick Byrne said...

"you can BOOK A TABLE"


youngandfoodish said...

Thank you for the mention in your beautiful post. Particular love the poetry about condiments being totally superfluous.

We don't have to agree on everything, do we, Burgerac, but it sure feels nice when we do.

Anonymous said...

This was a poor burger. Incredulous at how you rated it so much mostly because the meat was devoid of flavour. The bacon tough which often ruins a good burger. Would never go back. 4/10

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