Friday, 6 June 2014

Byron Miami Slice special

£9.95 Based on a 'cuban hamburger' Byron's Miami Slice special is one of my favourite things to eat right now BUT it's only on until 9th of June

This Byron special has been on since the end of April but I only managed to sink my teeth into one this week. And now I want one every day - until the special ends on Monday 9th June...

The Miami Slice is most likely not like other burgers you've had at Byron – or anywhere else for that matter in the UK. Rather than being based on the American dream, it's based on a frita or 'Cuban hamburger' that Fred Smith and the Byron research team ate in Little Havana in Miami a few months ago, cooked up by El Mago de la Fritas (the legendary Wizard of Fritas) no less. Said frita featured a burger cooked in chorizo oil, topped with miniature shoestring fries and american cheese, served in a white bread roll with a smokey hot sauce.

"Very rarely do I eat a burger and inspired to replicated it as closely as possible, but my trip to El Mago de la Fritas left me feeling exactly that way," Byron's own burger wizard (Smith) told me when I asked him about the inspiration for the Miami Slice. "It was such a humble sandwich but incredibly enjoyable."

Back in London, after tasting an obscene amount of chorizos, Fred ended up settling on using Nduja, a cured spicy Italian soft sausage, as his ideal patty topping to deliver the oily, paprika and chilli flavour profile he was after. A chat with Marcus Miller about his vision for the Miami Slice resulted in a slightly sour, floury white bap that would help deliver the authenticity of the sandwich that inspired it.

And here we have it - a 6oz Byron beef patty is cooked as usual then a layer of Nduja is placed on top along with a slice of American cheese and it goes under the Salamander until the cheese is nicely melted and the Nduja beneath is all oily and lovely. The burger is placed on the bottom part of the bun, tiny fries are piled on top and a splat of hot sauce is all that's required to finish it off.

The particular flavour of the hot sauce (also served on the side in case you want to add more), the unexpected breadiness of the bun, the crunch of the crisp potato, the deep flavour and oily juiciness of the melting Nduja and the joy of medium rare beef patty blew my mind. Serving a little bowl of chiccharones (pork scratchings) was a super nice touch too.

The Miami Slice is only being served until 9th June (next Monday) so you've got this weekend to check it out if you haven't already. Hope y'all enjoy it as much as did. I know what I'm having for lunch today!

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Anonymous said...

This was a great burger indeed but the bun definitely let it down (no structural integrity, falls apart straight away) and the pork scratchings didn't go with burger at all. Shame

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